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Electronic Portfolios (ePortfolios)

While portfolios have a long tradition in art, architecture, and teacher education, interest in ePortfolios has grown across higher education in the last decade for a variety of purposes and audiences.  This may include the typical "showcase" portfolio that is outward-facing and represents a curated collection of exemplary work to a "learning" portfolio that may include works-in-progress, personal goals, and documents growth and development over time for a more selective audience.  The added value of the "e" in ePortfolio is seen in the features of the platform that support multimedia artifacts, digital storytelling, richer student assessment and program evaluation, and the potential for new insights to be gained through data mining and analytics.

Led by Dr. Helen L. Chen, our research on reflective learning in ePortfolios  across undergraduate and graduate education is conducted in partnership with the Office of the University Registrar and additional colleagues in the offices of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate EducationVice Provost for Graduate Education, and Vice Provost for Student Affairs. From exploring how ePortfolios can support greater student engagement for our undergraduate research interns to supporting the professional development for graduate students, we aim to foster a culture of "Folio Thinking," a reflective practice that situates and guides the effective use of learning portfolios by: 

• Encouraging students to integrate discrete learning experiences
• Enhancing students' self-understanding
• Promoting students' taking responsibility for their own learning
• Supporting students in developing an intellectual identity

Additional e Portfolio Resources