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Scenario-Based Learning Curriculum

Scenario-based learning curriculum moves beyond previous case method curricula by incorporating a four-module pedagogical process. This begins with the scenario or story, a four to six page description of the situation. The scenario features protagonists (engineering students or recent graduates) who are struggling with a real world problem and contains relevant information required to solve the challenge. The scenario does not include core engineering content, as this is covered in regular class sessions, but it does include instruction in key entrepreneurial concepts. 

In class, student teams participate in a hands-on lab, illustrating the relevant engineering concepts. These labs require about 50-60 minutes of class time and includes team discussion where students must explore various ways of completing the lab tasks. The final step in the process is a homework assignment that requires students to synthesize their learning and make a choice for how they would proceed as a character in the story. The labs are supported by short videos showing the lab activities and a video lecture explaining the entrepreneurial content in each scenario.