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Engineers design solutions with and for people – people who come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, with many different and intersectional identities based on gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, religion, sexual orientation, and more. However, without learning experiences focused on dimensions of human diversity, engineers are more likely to fall back on stereotypes and personal frames of reference that can limit the scope and quality of their work.

This Faculty College will engage a cross-disciplinary team of faculty members and educators to build upon the experience of a Fall 2015 pilot course that brought research on culture, diversity and gender to the engineering curriculum in a focused, intentional manner. Through collaborative learning and planning, this College seeks to provide more students with knowledge of diversity and culture, engage more faculty in designing related learning opportunities, and explore how to put such knowledge to use in teaching and research for more inclusive classrooms and better scholarship.

There are currently few opportunities for Stanford engineering students to learn about cultural diversity in the context of engineering. This Faculty College responds to the needs of the School of Engineering identified through strategic planning, and builds upon Stanford’s missions in excellence, diversity, and interdisciplinary scholarship.