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1/30/20 Bits & Watts Community Forum: What is the future demand for EV charging?

January 30, 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Shriram Tea Room

Please join us in the Shriram Tea Room for free food, drink and a casual conversation with Siobhan Powell on long-range planning for EV50: what is the future demand for charging? Come hear the latest on her research.

Speaker: Siobhan Powell, PhD Candidate in the Stanford Sustainable Systems Lab (S3L)

Abstract: What could the EV load look like in 2030? From driver behaviour and the adoption of fast charging to improvements in infrastructure and vehicle technologies, the answer is impacted by a multitude of uncertainties. Better forecasts of the load could help us quantify the energy and capacity impacts of fast charging, study long-term grid planning, and be key inputs for other EV50 projects. 

We are working on creating data-driven, realistic scenarios for how these effects may play out in California and other regions around the world. 

Bio: Siobhan Powell is a PhD Candidate in the Stanford Sustainable Systems Lab (S3L) at Stanford University where her advisor is Professor Ram Rajagopal. She works closely with the Grid Integration, Systems & Mobility (GISMo) group at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Siobhan received her B.Sc.(Eng) in Mathematics and Engineering with an option in Applied Mechanics from Queen's University, Kingston, Canada in 2016.

Siobhan is passionate about decarbonization, electric vehicles (EVs), the electric grid, and overall our transition towards a sustainable energy future. Her expertise is in data-driven methods, optimization, data analysis, and control. Her research includes studying the infrastructure impacts of EV smart charging and forecasting future impacts of the rapidly growing EV fleet on the grid and energy systems.

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The Bits & Watts "Smart Sharing" Community Forum is open to all Bits & Watts community members, Stanford students, faculty, corporate affiliates and staff.

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Stanford Bits and Watts Initiative, Precourt Institute for Energy, TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering
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