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Experiments in Learning | The Case for Applied Ethics

December 4, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Faculty Club

The Case for Applied Ethics: How Experiential Learning Can Help Students Develop Meaningful Principles

Formal entrepreneurship education has often relegated ethics to the fringes of the curriculum. Yet disruptive technologies and enterprises are creating unintended, harmful effects in society, and most entrepreneurship students want to do good in the world. We discuss our use of case studies, role play, and personal mission statements in helping students experience the importance of applied ethics to entrepreneurship, rather than theorizing to them about its importance. Given the increasing interest in embedded ethics curricula across various disciplines, we speculate that experiential learning in any field can help students develop meaningful principles.

Presented by:Tom Byers, Professor (Teaching) in Management Science and EngineeringJack Fuchs, Adjunct Professor in Management Science and Engineering

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the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Dean's Office of the School of Humanities and Sciences
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