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DEL Meetings & Events

In Summer 2020, weekly DEL meetings will take place on Wednesdays, from 9 AM to 11 AM PDT.  To join a lab or project meeting, please contact DEL PI, Professor Sheppard.

Lab meetings will be held online via Zoom. Please send an email to Helen by the close of business on Monday prior to the meeting you wish to attend and she will send you the connection information.

Summer 2020 - Schedule for DEL Meetings and Events

  • July 1 - ASEE Debrief and Celebration
  • July 8 - Introduction: Hung Pham; Research Update: Joe Towles- "A Simple Tool to Improve Communication and Debugging in Remote Instrumentation Lab Courses"
  • July 15 - Journal Club: Revisiting "Connecting People and Ideas: Making Sense of a Research Lab through Creating a Shared Frame" (2020); please (re)read and come ready to discuss
  • July 22 - Research Update: Sonia Travaglini
  • July 29 - Research Update: Lysander Homm (to be confirmed)
  • August 5 - Research Update: Review of internship interview protcol - Sara, Hung, Amy, Helen
  • August 12 - What is research and who is it for?
  • August 19 -
  • August 26 - Proposal writing and funding

Topics of interest

  • Op-Eds - writing for other audiences
  • Research Updates: Greses, Maya, Eric, Abisola
  • Continuing the #EngineersShowUp discussion
  • Discussion of authorship