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DEL Meetings & Events

In Fall 2019, weekly DEL meetings will take place on Wednesdays, from 9:00-10:45 AM PT.  To join a lab or project meeting, please contact DEL PI, Professor Sheppard.

Lab meetings will take place in the Peterson Building (550), Room 126, the large conference room off of the Atrium with the exception of the dates mentioned below. Virtual participation via Zoom will be available. Please send an email to Helen by the close of business on the Tuesday before the meeting you wish to attend.

Fall 2019 Schedule for DEL Meetings, Events, & Upcoming Deadlines

  • September 25 - Lab Meeting: Welcome Back! Catch up on summer happenings, refine the presentation schedule, and revisit the Mudd paper
  • October 2 - Lab Meeting: Rima Das - Elementary Design/Engineering Education
  • October 9 - Lab Meeting: Marsie Trego - Presentation dry run on "Exploring the Relationships between Engineering Internships and Innovation Interests and Likelihood of Accepting a Job Offer"; Marsie will be presenting at the FIE Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 16-19

October 14 at 8:59 PDT/11:59 EDT - Deadline tosubmit ASEE abstracts

  • October 16 - Lab Meeting: Review of elements of accepted IJEE paper on Lab Cultures
  • October 23 - Lab Meeting: Carlos Gerber & Philipp Derichs - Introductions and thesis topic

October 24 - Vikas Maturi will be sharing his research with Eric Reynolds at the Symposia of Undergraduate Research and Public Service (SURPS), 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at Burnham Pavilion (615 Serra Street)

  • October 30 - Lab Meeting: Amy Huynh, Helen Chen & Sheri Sheppard - Stanford-Ford Internship Research Findings
  • November 6 - Lab Meeting: David Nawrath - Introduction and thesis topic
  • November 13 - Lab Meeting: Sara Atwood - Mastery-based Statics
  • November 20 - Lab Meeting: Sonja Travaglini - Designing active learning for laboratory classes; Hendrik Kramer - Introduction and thesis topic

November 27 - Thanksgiving Holiday - No Meeting

  • December 4 - Lab Meeting

December 11 - Finals Week - No Meeting

December 18 - Winter Break - No Meeting

Additional Topics (to be scheduled):

  • Discussion of authorship + preparation of ASEE abstracts
  • Discussion on proposal writing