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DEL at ASEE 2019 in Tampa, FLA

ASEE 2019
Jun 19 2019

Christian Schnell at ASEE

The Designing Education Lab was well represented at the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) 2019 Annual Conference in Tampa, Florida from June 16-19, 2019. Former Visiting Scholar Christian Schnell from the Technical University of Munich presented his paper co-authored with Johann Nordhus and Sheri Sheppard on Entrepreneurial Intentions and Actions of Engineering Graduates: What Contributes to Increased Intentions and Continued Entrepreneurial Skill Development? in the Entreneurship and Engineering Innovation Division.

Eric Reynolds Brubaker and Vikas Maturi

Doctoral candidate Eric Reynolds Brubaker together with undergraduate research assistant Vikas Maturi shared their findings on Integrating Mind, Hand, and Heart: How Students Are Transformed by Hands-On Designing and Making, a collaboration with Barbara Karanian, Sheri Sheppard, and Dave Beach, all from Stanford, in a session recognizing the best papers in the Design in Engineering Education Division.

Abisola Kusimo


Provoked Emotion in Student Stories of Motivation Reveal Gendered Perceptions of What It Means to be Innovative in Engineering, a paper led by Barbara Karanian together with Ville Taajamaa (University of Turku), Andrew Parlier (Stanford), and Mona Eskandari (UC Riverside) received 1st place honors for Best Research Paper in the Entrepreneurship and Engineering Innovation Division.

DEL is especially proud of our colleague Abisola Kusimo who presented the 2018 Best Diversity Paper on the Effects of Research and Internship Experiences on Engineering Task Self Efficacy on Engineering Students Through an Intersectional Lens on behalf of her research team which included Dr. Sara A. Atwood from Elizabethtown College and Marissa Thompson and Sheri Sheppard from Stanford.  Click here to watch Abisola's presentation at the ASEE conference plenary on Tuesday, June 18

Congratulations to all of our DEL researchers!