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DEL at the Mudd Design Workshop, May 30-June 1, 2019

May 30 2019

The Clive L. Dym Mudd Design Workshop is a biennial event held at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA. On May 30-June 1, DEL members Sheri Sheppard, Eric Reynolds, Tua Björklund, and Patrick Danner contributed to the program on "Design Education & Practice “How Process Matters."  Patrick together with Greses Perez presented a poster on  "Design Problems in Context: An Examination of Students’ Design Considerations Before Taking a Course about Engineering Culture, Diversity, and Equity" drawing from findings from Expanding Engineering Limits: Culture, Diversity, and Equity, a course taught by Shannon Gilmartin, Carol Muller, and Sheri Sheppard. Sheri, Eric, and Tua designed an interactive exercise representing the collective work of DEL members in a paper titled "Connecting People, Process and Output: Making Sense of a Research Lab through Creating a Shared Frame."  Click here for more information about this year's Mudd Design Workshop XI and program.