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Sheri Sheppard

Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Helen L. .Chen profile picture

Helen L. Chen

Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering

Shannon Gilmartin

Senior Research Scholar, Stanford VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab

Barbara A. Karanian

Lecturer and previously visiting Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Mark F. Schar

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Joseph Towles

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering & Bioengineering

Sonia Travaglini

Science & Engineering Education Fellow, Mechanical Engineering


Eric Reynolds Brubaker

Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Abisola Kusimo

Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering


Sara Atwood

Associate Professor and Chair, Engineering and Physics, Elizabethtown College

Tua Björklund

Professor of Practice, Aalto University Design Factory and Engineering Design, Aalto University School of Engineering

Kai Jun (KJ) Chew

Ph.D. Candidate, Engineering Education, Virginia Tech

Amy Huynh

Undergraduate Researcher, UC Irvine

Chieloka Mbaezue

Researcher, Mechanical Engineering '20