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Pathways of Engineering Graduates

  • How do students decide to major in engineering?
  • What educational experiences and resources are most effective in helping sustain and expand their interests?
  • What are the roles of internships in creating connections between school-learning and professional learning?
  • How can theory and practice be better integrated in the learning process?
  • What factors contribute to students’ choices for “next steps” after college?
  • How can educational practices positively reach more students?
These are just some of the questions we have been researching in DEL for over 15 years.

Academic Pathways

Some of our earliest work was focused on the four-year engineering college experience at a variety of U.S colleges and universities, as part of the Academic Pathways Study (APS)

Engineering Pathways

We have researched the work of early career engineers, with particular emphasis on what skills and abilities are needed in practice and where and how these skills and abilities are learned, as part of the NSF-funded Engineering Pathways Study (EPS).

Fostering Innovative Generations Study

This is a longitudinal study looking at students' interests and career choices pre- and post-graduation. Here,  the emphasis is on students’ innovation and entrepreneurship interests and their career pathway design